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Still Standing…

29 Sep

This blog IS NOT abandoned. I’m just buried with school work. “I’ll be back” (in my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice).


5 Jul

Anyone who knows me, knows this is me in a nutshell. Woe is me! 😆

Seize The Day

A taste of Love that suddenly gets me addicted. I am Marvie and yes maybe I am a Love Addict. Being more addicted to Love has an end. The fantasies, the obsessive thoughts…the belief that ‘the one’ was out there for me, somewhere. Romantic delusions is not healthy. In short, I immediately get too emotionally attached.

“You know better-You do better.” And yes, it needs to stop 🙂 I love myself much and definitely know my self worth. Never settle for anything less than what I deserve.

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2 Jul

I’ve got say, I love their style!

Sweaty Girl Confessions

*I must preface this to say, this post has a bitter and frustrating tone. If you want an uplifting post do not read.If you have a problem with that, then I will be punching you in the face.*

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I’ve Got a Bike, You Can Ride It if You’d Like

26 Jun

Listful Thinking

I guess I ride a bike now.

It’s not really something I like to talk about because bikes, like magnets and former governors of Alaska, have polarizing effects. Maybe it’s different in other towns, but here they’re a pretty divisive issue. Of course, neither side presents itself very appealingly.

On the one hand, you have the people who are decidedly anti-bike. Some of their points make perfect sense- I also drive a car. I know how annoying bicyclists on the road are. When I’m riding my bike and a car comes up behind me, I want to nod sympathetically and yell, “I KNOW! I HATE ME TOO!” The problem is, the anti-bike types are surprisingly aggressive. There’s no quicker way to get someone to call you a dirty hippy than to show up somewhere on a bike, and three bicycle-riding friends have been hit by cars in the last year…

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25 Jun

I couldn’t have said this better myself!

Seize The Day


Mountain Biking has grown more than just a pastime. It is now a sport of its own. Take a closer look at some reasons why more and more people like me, are getting engrossed in Mountain Biking 🙂

>Mountain Biking is a means of staying fit.
>Mountain Biking is about getting a great and fun aerobic workout that will get you to places.
>Mountain Biking is about getting out of the urban jungle and into the wilderness and mountains, having fun, acquiring fresh air during the weekends.
>Mountain Biking is being one with nature.
>Mountain Biking is a few hours away from the reality of everyday life. It is freedom from an 8 to 5 work schedule, deadlines, bills, and pollution.
>As for most weekend warriors, Mountain Biking is a ticket to relaxation, time to recharge their biological batteries.

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