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Still Standing…

29 Sep

This blog IS NOT abandoned. I’m just buried with school work. “I’ll be back” (in my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice).



Happy Crapurday!

28 Jun

Happy you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right? Well I had one of those days last Saturday. Nothing major went wrong, but a whole bunch of little things didn’t go right, the sum of which added up to one crappy Saturday, hence the title.

 It actually started Friday. Jon Pearson and Jacalyn Clawson were nice enough to invite me to a trail clinic. Awesome, I thought, I can learn how to do something on a mountain bike beside go in a straight line! So I check my schedule, sign up for the event online and all seems well until I get an email from the event coordinator. The short version is women only, NO MEN ALLOWED! I’m forty, single, and busy as crap. What made them think that I’d be interested in seeing if a young lady catches my eye (wink wink)! So I ride down to Wissahickon, solely to have a look at the bikes they’re demoing (wink wink again) , and the meet up area is deserted, except for a few cars with bike racks on them.  This was the first crappy thing that happened to me Saturday.

Later on in the day I go to get my watch fixed. The jeweler changes the battery for me and I asked him before I left, “Do you think it’s a problem with the watch? He replies, “[o]h no, it’s just the battery.” I get home 15 minutes later and it’s still 11:10 AM, the same time it was when I left the store! So I go back and ask him if he can fix the watch. He replies, “[a]ll I can do is send it to the manufacturer.” Uhhhh…no thanks, I can do that myself, it needs a rebuild anyway (which, by the way, is going to cost more than what I paid for the watch, but I like the watch face and it’s discontinued-see the picture at the end). Crapped on again!

The final fiasco was with my electronic cigarettes (which I’ll write about later. They’re awesome if you or someone you know is trying to quit smoking!). I had brought a disposable one the day before and liked it, so I decided to get a pack of them to save money. Well it turned out the pack is actually a rechargeable model and it only costs $20! How cool is that? When rechargeable cigarettes first came out they were selling them for $150. I guess standard marketing procedure didn’t work out so well there because that was only a year and a half ago and $130 is a steep drop! Anyway…I digress. Once I charged the cigarette up (for three hours) I had to go back to the store because the disposable “filter” that comes with the rechargeable cigarette was too strong for me and it was making me cough and gag (a pretty picture right?). I get home, change the cartridge and it doesn’t work. I try another cartridge and it works. No big deal I think, I’ll let it go…then I realized, one of these things costs $4, and one disposable cartridge is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes.  So I headed back to the gas station (they’re the only place in the neighborhood that sells them, I looked everywhere!), and low and behold, there’s nothing the cashier can do. She tells me “[p]lease come back and see the manager on Monday.” Mind you it was 100 degrees in Philly by this time, and I started out a 9:00 AM in the morning and was feeling like I’d accomplished absolutely nothing all day, but running in circles! That’s when it dawned on me…”I’m having a crappy day.” The final crapola!

These kinds of days are rare for me, but they happen. No one wanted to hear about my crappy day so I posted it in my blog to get it off my chest. Maybe some of my online buddies can have a few laughs at my pain.  If you feel so inclined, post a memorable crappy day in comments (please keep it clean, my 13 year may read this!). If no one posts, I’ll keep my crappy day rants to myself from now on. 😉 So for today, and today only, Crappy Trails! (He said with a smile and a happy face).

Happy Crapurday Update

In case anyone’s wondering, given time these events uncrapped themselves! Philadelphia Mountain Bike Association is having a unisex trail clinic next month (yeah), my watch began to work spontaneously, and the manager kindly replaced my disposable cartridges for my rechargeable cigarette. Awesome! Happy Trails…


It’s a Skagen.

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