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A Short Story About a Great Day!

2 Jul

     Please excuse my delay in posting about this. I’ve just begun blogging and I have a ton of things I want to write about, which is what prompted me to start a blog! This all started out when I got my mountain bike. I found it hard finding other people to ride with and so I Googled “mountain bike associations Philadelphia” and voilà, up popped the Philadelphia Mountain Bike Association! I joined their Facebook page and was invited to the cleanup. I figured if I’m going to ride the trails I should help maintain them, so I decided to help out. To the point, I had a great time at the Pennypack Park Trail closing [Click here to see pictures]. It took place right off of the Pine Road Parking area. It wasn’t too hot out (relative to this week, 100 degrees plus!), I met some great people, and it looks like great things will come of associating with this organization.

     The people I met were awesome. They made me feel really comfortable, and every seemed to have an aura of positivity surrounding them-exactly what I need in my life! In retrospect I was amazed by the amount of things I learned from them in the short time we spent together, and I’m sure there’s more to come. As for the volunteer work, it was hard, but hard work is nothing new to me. One of the guys said I don’t have to bust my hump when I come out to volunteer, but my thinking was “it’s the weekend, it’s workout time, and I need to get it in!”, so I humped like a mule and I think it paid off (exercise wise). The PMBA guys were definitely a group of people I can see spending time with regularly. I may not be able to keep up with the vets yet, but it will be fun trying! Happy trails!


Please Help Save Our Park by Voicing Your Opinion!

26 Jun

Hello All,

Here’s a post I made to the Philadelphia Mountain Biking Association:

Hello Group,
I recall Jacalyn Clawson [of the Philadelphia Mountain Bike Association] mentioning to me that she’s been waiting for approval from Fairmount Park to do some trail work. Well, toady I received an email from detailing their efforts to revitalize Fairmont Park. I’ve attached the email they sent me in a word document. The links should be active. Please send a message to the Mayor today to help revitalize Fairmont Park and to support Jacalyn!


Ron C.

Check out my blog at

Click here to tell Mayor Nutter & City Council: Restore Funding to Fairmount Park

Dear Ronald,

Fairmount Park is one of Philadelphia’s greatest natural resources. Whether you picnic with friends and family, play a game of soccer on the fields by the Art Museum, or cool off in the Wissahickon, everyone has a favorite activity in Fairmount Park.

Unfortunately, Philadelphia lags behind most other major cities in funding local parks.  In fact, an analysis by the Philadelphia Park Alliance shows that New York City provides nearly three times the funding for their park system per citizen. [1]

That lack of funding has left recreational facilities and trails in terrible shape and is why we need ensure we restore funding to Fairmount Park for this year’s budget. Or, Fairmount Park will get even worse. [2]

City Council is finalizing the budget for Fairmount Park this week and needs to hear your voice. Email Mayor Nutter and City Council and tell them to fully fund Fairmount Park.

City Council has already proposed increasing funding for Fairmount Park—but it’s not a done deal. That’s why we need Mayor Nutter and City Council to get this over the goal line and guarantee this funding for Fairmount Park.

I think the Philadelphia Inquirer said it best in an editorial last week: “…the mayor’s leadership is again needed if the city hopes to polish a park system that could be a gem.” [3]

Whether it’s walking, biking, boating, or playing sports—whatever activities in which you partake to enjoy Fairmount Park, take a moment to email City Council and Mayor Nutter and tell them why the park is valuable to you.


David Masur
PennEnvironment Director

PS. After sending your email, please forward this email to five friends in Philly who also love Fairmount Park so they can also help us ensure it’s properly funded.

[1] “Philadelphia Parks by the numbers“, Philadelphia Parks Alliance, April 2012
[2] “Broken Promises“, Philadelphia Parks Alliance, April 2012
[3] “City park needs funds to avoid shabbiness“, Philadelphia Inquirer, June 20, 2012

—-End of Post—–

I you gentleman and gentlewomen would be so kind as to offer your support by sending  a message to Mayor Nutter to help keep Fairmont Park clean it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,


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